December 1, 2017

Reviews: The Shape Of Water and The Disaster Artist

The Shape of Water: "a positively enchanting fairy tale that celebrates misfits, and reveals true monsters."

The Disaster Artist: "There is a fascinating story about creative conviction, passion and the mayhem of filmmaking to be found in The Disaster Artist. If it were pure fiction, you could enjoy it guilt-free as a ludicrous but lithe satire. However knowing that these are real people, still living, whose work and dreams are being openly dissected and mocked by handsome, wealthy and powerful movie stars, it’s difficult to forget the Wiseau in the room and enjoy this crass and cutting comedy." 

November 27, 2017

REVIEWS: Darkest Hour, The Man Who Invented Christmas, Call Me By Your Name, Bombshell, and Angelica

Darkest Hour: "a prestige film that feels safe and scared."

The Man Who Invented Christmas: "Nalluri has delivered a delightful and touching holiday film just when we need it most."

Call Me By Your Name:  "I’m in absolute awe of this film. The performances of Chalamet and Hammer are graceful, tender and electrifying, giving the romance bounce and body. But more astounding is how Guadagnino makes the whole thing feel tactile."

Bombshell: "not just a stupendous tribute to Lamarr, but also a tribute to every brilliant woman ignored, thanking them even if they never snagged the spotlight, and inspiring a new generation to go looking for theirs."

Angelica: "All this mood and mystery swells to a fevered and disturbing finale, then leaves audiences with a heady blend of exhilaration and uncertainty. Which feels strangely fitting."

November 19, 2017

REVIEWS: Justice League, Mudbound, and Sweet Virginia

Justice League: "Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have slammed together a superhero ensemble intended to be epic, but with a trio of new characters, a bevy of backstories, and the requisite sprawling action sequences, this much-anticipated film is a very wonky ride."

 "It is kind of perfect then, that its on Netflix, as watching Mudbound is not unlike the experience of binge-watching one their riveting drama series, dense with metaphor, stories, and characters that clutch at your heart, then rattle your core."

Sweet Virginia:  "Director Jaime M. Dagg brews an atmosphere of restrained loves and swelling hurt that carries his slow-burn neo-Western with mesmerizing mood and dizzying emotion."

And for my first piece for SYFY Wire Fangrrls: How Justice League Fails Wonder Woman

November 9, 2017

Reviews: Three Billboards, Thelma, Mayhem, and Murder on the Orient Express

Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri: "Whether she’s cussing at the local priest, offering tenderness in a grim moment, or kicking a teen vandal square in the crotch, McDormand commands the screen and plays her audience like a fiddle, stroking our outrage, tugging at our heartstrings, and coaxing screams of reckless laughter." 

Murder on the Orient Express: "a lethally dull and ugly movie that possesses all the suspense of a damp hand towel." 

  Thelma: "Though billed as a thriller, Thelma is more slow-burn horror, a monster movie with a wounded but human heart at its core." 

  Mayhem: "This movie has a mean streak a mile wide...And on top of that, there’s an overgenerous supply of juvenile and sexist nonsense."

November 3, 2017

REVIEWS: Thor: Ragnarok, Lady Bird, Blade of the Immortal, My Friend Dahmer, and Most Beautiful Island

Thor: Ragnarok: "Full of action, laughs, and spirited fun, Thor: Ragnarok is a fine Marvel movie. But lacking a heaving heart, it’s a disappointing Waititi offering."

Lady Bird: "There’s an easy yet unnerving authenticity in Lady Bird, making it feel like a welcoming yet soul-baring memoir."

Blade of the Immortal: " While beautiful and spiked with scenes of stylish action accented colorful costumes and slick slow motion, Blade of the Immortal is bloated and indulgent." 

My Friend Dahmer: "It aims to capitalize on our perverse fascination with the Milwaukee Cannibal, while congratulating ourselves for finding a moral message in his tragedy. But there’s no silver lining in this story. There’s no redemption to be found. There is only horror." 

Most Beautiful Island: "The suspense woven through the third act is nauseating, and a bit sublime."