May 25, 2017

Reviews: Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Baywatch: "The new Baywatch can’t decide how best to adapt this old-school guilty pleasure, so it chucks a bunch of f-bombs, dick jokes, and gross out gags, creating a crude comedy that’s more often repulsive than fun."

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales:  "In the end, it’s a sinister sea creature within Dead Men Tell No Tales that proves its perfect metaphor: zombie sharks. Zombies are scary. Sharks are scary. So it seems simple logic that zombie sharks would be twice as scary at least! But when Salazar sets loose a band of rotted snarling sharks who are pitted with holes, and ragged about the fins, they just aren’t. They nightmarish jaws are there. They move fast and chomp ferociously. But these bygone beasts seem to just be going through the motions, not realizing they are laughable, lame and dead."

May 19, 2017

The Final Popcorn and Prosecco

After three years, 155 episodes, and more Winter's Tale references than the night's sky has stars, Popcorn and Prosecco has come to a close. Perri Nemiroff, Angie Han and I had an absolute blast sharing our thoughts on film and a peek at our friendship over the years. So why end it? Take a listen. And thanks always for listening. 

And special thanks to Da7e Gonzales, for his support, advice, and bandwidth. 

All episodes of the show can be found here. 

April 30, 2017

Tribeca Film Festival 2017

Check out my reviews from Tribeca Film Festival 2017:

Blame: "As a director, (Quinn Shephard) crafted a film that’s moody, raw, enthralling, and haunting."

Hounds of Love:  "a terrifying edge-of-your-seat thriller spiked with sexual violence, animal abuse, and torture. But what sets it apart from the midnight fare it faces off against in festivals like SXSW and the Tribeca Film Festival is that it has a barbed psychological thread throughout that pulls from such ripped-from-the-headlines horror a radiant string of hope and love."

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story: "Bombshell becomes not just a stupendous tribute to Lamarr, but also a tribute to every brilliant woman ignored."

Chris Gethard: Career Suicide: "emerges to become more than a comedy show, though it is a uniquely hilarious one. It becomes more than a confession, though it is a rousingly cathartic one. Above these, this special becomes a rallying cry."

Get Me Roger Stone: "I’ve just walked out of a morning screening of Netflix’s new documentary Get Me Roger Stone, and I count myself lucky I skipped breakfast, because if I hadn’t I’d have vomited."

Sweet Virginia: "Director Jaime M. Dagg brews an atmosphere of restrained loves and swelling hurt that carries his slow-burn neo-Western with mesmerizing mood and dizzying emotion."

Manifesto: "So smug and ponderous that even the allure of 13 performances by Cate Blanchett couldn’t spur me from a stupor of annoyance and boredom."

Aardvark: "The script falls flat and lets down an emerging actress who deserves better."

The Circle: "a movie that is emotionally dead, intellectually vapid, and otherwise just dull. It doesn’t even have the decency to be so bad that its failing is amusing."

Dog Years: "Dog Years is a movie that strives for elegiac depth, but achieves only snoozy shallowness."

The Dinner: "Coogan is utterly exhausting as he grumbles one tirade after another about human nature, the value of history, and the importance of family loyalty."

Thumper: "A strong and engaging drama from a promising director who dares to urge empathy for figures traditionally dehumanized. And the performances are stirring."