October 21, 2016

REVIEWS: Ouija: Origin of Evil, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Christine, and The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden: "With this astonishing adaptation Chan-wook has taken his unique blend of brutality, beauty, humor and heart to dizzying new heights."

Ouija: Origin of Evil: "delivers one of the scariest sequences since The Exorcist.”

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back: "Reacher is so stoic that Cruise could be made of Styrofoam for much of his close-ups."

Christine: "Hall delivers a portrayal that is riveting and nuanced but dedicatedly uncomfortable."

October 20, 2016

New York Film Festival 2016

Our 10 Most Anticipated Films Of New York Film Festival

Ava DuVernay's The 13th: "'Writing history with lightning' was how President Woodrow Wilson praised D.W. Griffth’s groundbreaking but unreservedly racist The Birth of a Nation, which portrayed black men as animalistic rapists and the Ku Klux Klan as noble white knights. Met with a 'rapturous response' upon its 1915 debut, 'the first major blockbuster' has cast a long shadow over American culture. And black American filmmaker Ava DuVernay aims to beat back these hateful shadows by writing history in lightning of her own."

Barry Jenkins' Moonlight: "Moonlight surprised me. Then it rattled me to my core. And finally, it nestled snuggly inside my heart."

Alex Horowitz's Hamilton's America: "Hamilfans will rejoice over the information, interviews, and elegance of Hamilton’s America. But they’ll completely lose their goddamn minds over its performance sections."

James Grey's Lost City of Z: "The film is painted in khaki, greys, and mud, with the emotional intelligence of a dried out carrot."

Kelly Reichardt's Certain Women: "There’s a fragile thread of humor laced through Kelly Reichardt’s latest drama, that so deeply understands what it is to be a woman in America right now, that this female occasionally cackled."

October 19, 2016

PULLQUOTED: Always Shine

I went mad for Always Shine out of its Tribeca Film Festival debut. Read my review at Pajiba, and check out the trailer and poster below. 

October 14, 2016

Reviews: The Accountant & Little Sister

Little Sister: "delivers a charming black sheep tale rich with tenderness, raw with pain, and spiked with humor. "

The Accountant: "Ben Affleck is back with yet another superhero story. But now, the man who leapt from a Daredevil dud to the polarizing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has ditched the cape and cowl to play a hero with a “supernatural” proficiency at crunching numbers and cracking skulls in “The Accountant.” Astonishingly, it’s his worst superhero movie yet."

October 5, 2016

PULLQUOTED: The Edge of Seventeen

I adored The Edge of Seventeen. You can read my review at Nerdist, and check out the trailer where it's pullquoted below: