March 22, 2018

SXSW 2018

This year, I had the pleasure of covering the SXSW Conference for SYFY Fangrrls, Pajiba, and Riot Material. 


Blood Fest Is A Gory Good Time, But...

Though Flawed, The Field Guide To Evil Is A Must-See For True Horror Fans

Ghost Stories Is A Horror Movie You Must See Twice

Hereditary Introduces a New Master Of Terror

Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs Is As Whimsical As It Is Discomforting

Prospect Review: You Had Me At 'Pedro Pascal Stars In Sci-Fi Western'

John Krasinski's A Quiet Place Is A Master Class in Suspense

Sorry to Bother You Aims To Make You Laugh (And Blow Your Mind!)

Unfriended: Dark Web Asks 'What If Unfriended, But Terrible And Rapey?'

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Is A Gentle And Needed Battle Cry


Hereditary's Makers Reveal The Secret of Success to SXSW's Scariest Film

Where is Horror Now? SXSW Filmmakers Sound Off

Sophie Thatcher on Playing Prospect's Space-Trekking, Fan Fiction-Loving Teen Heroine Opposite Pedro Pascal

Leigh Whannell Reveals How Upgrade Broke Blumhouse's Horror Mold

Blood Fest Brings Horror, Gore, Humor And A Timely Political Message

Seychelle Gabrielle Addresses The Legend of Korra's Lesbian Romance, Korrasami Fandom

How Do You Make An Unfriended Sequel? Unfriended: Dark Web's Creators Explain

'Ghost Stories' Creators On Martin Freeman, Horror, and 'The Vagina Monologues'


How Ready Player One Fails Geek Culture

Gugu MBatha-Raw's Fast Color is the Closest We've Seen To a Solo Storm Movie

We Visited HBO's Sweetwater Activation at SXSW Conference To Look For Season Two Clues

SXSW Conference's Ready Player One Activation Gives Gamers A Place To Play And Party

(Updates coming soon...)