March 19, 2010

It's not the work; it's the stairs.

"Like the prostitute says: 'It's not the work; it's the stairs.' " ~ Elaine Stritch: singer/actress/all-around sassy broad
Pretty sure we were watching PBS (‘cause we’re cool like that), when Zach & I heard Stritch’s story of the prostitute/hooker/call girl who was very popular/busy/successful. In this parable, some ardent admirer asks this lady of the night if she finds her work exhausting, to which she retorts, “It’s not the work; it’s the stairs.”This tale illustrates Stritch's  hard-won outlook on show business. I think a lot  of us feel awkward saying we work in “show business." Especially when we’re still struggling to climb the right stairs. We have no posh lofts, or fancy cars like big name movie stars. For us on the lower rungs (which is most of us), it’s a lot of  stairs before we even get to the work! But, we've got drive and a dream.
So here's where we’ll be detailing our progress on the stairs and news on the work.
Please stay tuned.

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