April 14, 2010

It really beats law school!

“It really beats law school.” ~ Jason Chaet

We returned to NYC from San Fran a week ago, and hit the ground running! But first, a recap of San Francisco.
Skeleton Boy screened in the midst of the bustling WonderCon. Now, this was our first Comic Con (yes yes – it’s technically dubbed a “popular arts” convention b/c of it’s inclusion of video games, TV, movies, etc. but let’s call it what it is Nerd Nirvana!) It was pretty intense. There were nerds & geeks of every stripe there. Intense comic shoppers. Costumed fan boys and girls. (My favorite was Ruffio - seriously circa 1991 Hook's Ruf! Fi! Ooooooo!)  Video game zombies. Mouthbreathers. Self-righteous know-it-alls (think The Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons) and plenty of casual fans, checking out the booths/stores, artists and celebrities. Now these are not big name celebrities. These are people who inspire deep and defensive fandom - and some seemed cool (Helen Slater - from The Legend of Billie Jean!),  others did not. The dude who played Chewbacca charged $25 for his autographed pic of him in costume. Unreal.

Anyhow, the San Francisco International Children’s Film Festival was a lot of fun. We did a Q&A after Skeleton Boy made his debut, and answered questions from adults and kids alike. Our stickers, fliers and film were well-received, and our short screened in the same festival as shorts from Bill Plympton and Henry Selick!

(For those of you who came here b/c of the fest – hello! Welcome. Etc.)

Now back in NY, Zach and I worked on a friend’s fundraising trailer for his feature. More on that later but here's an on location photo to tantalize: 

Then, Zach served as the assistant director on a new webseries, Mother Eve's Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood, which I am currently cutting!

The series follows seven kooky women who open themselves to the unconventional teachings of Mother Eve, a self-proclaimed empowerment guru. Each episode tackles a different issue: Sex, Money, Career, Self-Image, & Men with humor and musical numbers. 

Keep up with Mother Eve, join the facebook group.

 So, until further notice, I’ll be spending my days cutting hilarity!

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