June 24, 2010

Johnstown Film Festival 2010

UPDATE: Check out this Film Festival review by Andy Lasky.


Saturday was the marked the finale of the 2010 Johnstown Film Festival, and it was a night to remember. 

The final night featured the best of the fest, and we're proud that our Skeleton Boy was a part of these diverse and interesting shorts.

Many of the filmmakers are Johnstown locals, and I was excited to see so many different visual representations of my hometown. Whether death-strewn ghost town, home to abstract art and it's courageous creators or a Snatch-like bustling 'hood, Johnstown was the real star of the festival.

And while there was a wide range of films and genres, my favorite was Greg and Donny: Gregeneezer and the Three Monsters, a sharp satire of life in Johnstown, this webisode centers on Greg and Donny, two local yokels, retelling a Christmas Carol - so it's not boring an' at. 

I was also lucky enough to meet some of the guys from Hustlebot, and see their entry: Shadows of the Shield, a sharp action-comedy mockumentary that you can you can check out here.

The Johnstown Film Festival is always a good time, and grows more impressive and expansive each year. We're always proud to be featured in this event, and as a audience member, I've always had a hell of a time.

Already looking forward to next year, 

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