June 3, 2010

The Trailer Has Landed:

Summer’s here and things are heating up!

Kristy just premiered a "Where Are They Now?" styled video for her alma mater The Macaulay Honors College on Sunday. (More on that later.)

And now she's released her trailer for the upcoming web series sensation Mother Eve's Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood! 

These projects could not have been more different, or more rewarding to work on. On the Macaulay video, Kristy got to catch up with old friends, and make new ones in the quest to see what Macaulay grads have been up to. Some are writers, educators, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and some are even working in the State Department and the NYPD Terrorism task force! It was humbling to see the varied accomplishments of the alumni, and Kristy is proud to be counted in their ranks. Macaulay will be posting the video in it's entirety on their website in the coming weeks. We'll link it here at that time.

Mother Eve was a complete blast to work on from start to finish, as it was chock-full of hilarious moments thanks to a severely talented cast/crew! (Among them Zach Symons, who served as Assistant Director.) Kristy enjoyed waking up each day and diving into the zany world of the self-help guru, Mother Eve, and her eager but clueless disciples, and feels lucky to have been a part of the first six episodes. For more on Mother Eve, the petals, and the cast/crew go to mothereves.com.

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