July 9, 2010

I don't know how to put this...

I'm kind of a big deal. ~ Ron Burgundy

More news from San Diego: The 7th Annual San Diego International Children's Film Festival has added a second screening of The Skeleton Boy, for all you kids on the West Coast!

You can catch him July 25 at Comic Con International in the San Diego Convention Center, or on August 7 at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park.

The Film Festival runs from July 25 to August 22 throughout the San Diego area, with nearly 200 films from around the world, along with animation workshops and other events. The Comic Con's got something for everyone to geek out, whether your tastes are for X-Men, True Blood, The Guild, Star Trek, Star Wars or pretty much any comic under the sun . (My personal geek out involves James Marsters - Spike from Buffy - being on hand at the Lightspeed Fine Arts booth!) But if the fine(r) arts are more your speed, you can catch the screening at the Museum of Photographic Arts which resides near a slew of museums and a zoo

So, make The Skeleton Boy part of an excellent day - or two!
Photo Courtesy of the Museum of Photographic Art's Facebook page.

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