September 16, 2010

Macaulay Video Online

Earlier this year, I co-produced, wrote and cut a promotional video for my Alma Mater, The Macaulay Honors College.

The video (which you can check out below) catches up with several Macaulay alumni, and presents their thoughts on how MHC helped get them where they are today.

I was proud to be a part of this video, and wholeheartedly recommend Macaulay to any student who takes their education seriously and has a fervent interest in learning more about the greatest city in the world.

And once more, I'd like to thank all of the alumni involved with the project as well as the staff of Macaulay. Thank you for your time, patience, and openness. Turns out, Macaulay is still teaching me.


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Unknown said...

I only got to watch half of it so far; however, I surely intend to watch the rest later because I have to leave for work very soon. I liked what I saw so far, impressive. I have to admit, it was beyond my expectations but only in comparison to years ago, lol.

So, when I become a big bad controversial lawyer/attorney you can make me a nice "web-o-mercial" or just do how you do, pro-bono of course! lol Great work! My interest has now been peaked to look into/investigate this college you speak of because of your video. Keep it coming. "need more input"
Garrett J.