October 19, 2013

NYCC 2013

I was all over New York Comic Con this year. Catch up on my panel rundowns and live-blogs below:

Adventure Time // Pendleton Ward and company talk Finn and Jake.

X-Files 20th Anniversary  // David Duchovny and Gillian Andersen bless nerd love proposal

Bob's Burgers // Inspired by Tina Belcher, one fan asked the cast to perform an "Erotic Con Fiction"

The Venture Bros.  // Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick speak!

Sleepy Hollow  // What's coming up?

Hercules: The Legend Begins // Brawny men brawl in 3D!

Legend of Korra // The origins of the Avatar are revealed.

Oldboy // Spike Lee left his screenwriter to defend a remake of a contemporary classic.

Plus my favorite cosplay pics!

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