March 7, 2014

REVIEWS: 300: Rise of an Empire, Journey To The West & Grand Piano

300: Rise of an Empire: "It's a suitable companion piece to 300, doling out literal boatloads of action along with enthusiastically graphic violence and tales of the glories of war. It's a solid spectacle between these lush battle scenes and thoughtful art design. But Murro's restraint holds it back from being as brazen and flat-out bonkers as the first film."
Plus it's To 3D or Not To 3D review! 

Journey To The West: "Basically, Journey to the West is devotedly wacky and pretty damn fun, but with out a fuller context, its final blow is bungled--at least for American audiences."

Grand Piano: "This sly thriller overcomes its silly setup with a blend of cinematic artistry and fine-tuned tension."

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