April 27, 2014

REVIEWS: Bears, Brick Mansions, Locke, 13 Sins, The Quiet Ones & In Your Eyes

On episode 11 of Popcorn and Prosecco, Angie and I review Locke, In Your Eyes and The Quiet Ones.

Brick Mansions: "All in all, Brick Mansions doesn't take nearly as many risks as its heroes. All the same, it offers an insane and satisfying adventure, loaded with exhilarating action sequences, and pumped up with vivid performances."

Bears: "an endearing and beautiful documentary that manages to educate without feeling stodgy."

13 Sins: "totally twisted and sickly satisfying."

The Quiet Ones: "a satisfyingly spooky horror offering that tenderly unspools its tension while offering a narrative that is truly enthralling."

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