April 28, 2014

REVIEWS: Tribeca Film Festival

Love Is Strange: "Let me say at the top: I was in no way prepared for how much Love Is Strange would make me cry."

About Alex: "About Alex is a moving and darkly funny movie that offers familiar characters stumbling through a journey that is relatable and engaging. It's far from flawless, but is a promising first feature with lots of charm."

Summer of Blood: "What do you get when you throw the comedic humor of insular NY comedies together with the willfully garish gore of B-movie horror? Something devilishly amusing and happily drenched in blood and biting dialogue."

The One I Love: "sophisticated, spirited, and scintillatingly entertaining."

Every Secret Thing: "it crushes me to report how profoundly disappointed I was in the final film."

In Your Eyes: "a curious experiment and a sweet love story, but it lacks the challenging drama, razor-sharp wit, and radiant verve that I typically associate with Whedon's writing. It feels oddly off-brand, like Whedon Lite."

Zombeavers: "delivers in being wacky and graphic. It's just a shame it doesn't aspire to be anything more, like spirited, smart or frightening."

Begin Again: "By far the film's strongest element is the pairing of Ruffalo an…They share an ease and enjoyment with each other that is compelling. It's a shame Carney didn't trust in this dynamic enough to not overburden the film with other flare."

Just Before I Go: "This dark comedy is insulting and offensive in just about every way possible. It doesn't understand the line between irreverent humor and offensive jokes. Actually, it doesn't seem to know there is one."

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