July 23, 2014

REVIEWS: Lucy, Magic In The Moonlight & And So It Goes

This week Kristy Puchko welcomes special guest hosts Jason Bailey and Max Evry to review Lucy and Magic In the Moonlight. Plus Perri Nemiroff and Angie Han report from San Diego Comic Con.

Lucy: "While a non-stop Johansson-fronted action vehicle is something I'd gladly see, what Lucy offers is a bit more rich, though perhaps too rushed to sell its grander premise."

Magic In The Moonlight: "ll in all, Magic in the Moonlight is a muddled movie that delivers a gawky, unbelievable love story, tangled among a lazy intellectual debate, marinated in an abundance of sentiment and nostalgia." 

And So It Goes: "Seniors deserve romance movies that are rich and wonderful. It's a shame that clunky and unfunny wreck that is And So It Goes is what they are getting instead."

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