August 18, 2014

REVIEWS: Frank, To Be Takei, Love Is Strange

Angie Han, Perri Nemiroff and Kristy Puchko discuss Frank, their favorite Robin Williams films and The Giver.

Frank: "There's an easy verve to Frank that makes it instantly compelling. Fassbender is brilliant as a bobble-headed free spirit, and brings a welcomed vibrancy to the bleak world of his band mates."

To Be Takei:  "Ultimately, To Be Takei is radiant with the joy of the man has captured the hearts and imaginations of untold fans. It left me smiling ear to ear, and with some serious food for thought. The doc is more than a charming look into the life of a charismatic and eccentric celebrity. It's a political call to action in the most affable way possible."

Love Is Strange
"Let me say at the top: I was in no way prepared for how much Love Is Strange would make me cry. I’d heard fantastic things from colleagues who had seen the romantic drama at its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. But no one prepared me for how deeply moving Ira Sachs’s latest effort–which boasts brilliant turns by John Lithgow and Alfred Molina–truly is."

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