September 19, 2014

Reviews: Tusk, This Is Where I Leave You, The Maze Runner & The Boxtrolls

This week on the podcast Popcorn and Prosecco, Perri's away, but Angie and I review The Maze Runner, This Is Where I Leave You, and Tusk with special guest host Eric Walkuski.

The Boxtrolls: "isn't just a superb movie for the whole family, it's the best animated film of the year."

This Is Where I Leave You: "Lovers of the book will notices some ways the film has toned down the original story's most transgressive elements, all of them predictable revisions. But the core of the Altman clan and the clusterfuck that is their reunion is brought to life with a gleeful irreverence that makes this dramedy warmly entertaining, and just a bit naughty."

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