October 18, 2014

Highlights: Birdman, Book of Life, Camp X-Ray, Wonder Woman, The LA Film Prize & Curses!

Reviewing Birdman, Fury and talking LA Film Prize on Popcorn and Prosecco! 

Birdman: "is many things. It's an ambitious and beautifully executed experiment. It's a technical wonder that will be examined for decades to come. It's a showbiz comedy with bite. It's an earnest and moving entry in the all too underserved genre of father-daughter drama. It's a reminder how goddamn gripping Keaton is as an actor. But above else, please know this: It's a hell of a good time."

Book of Life: "Kids will likely eat up this candy-colored confection offered up just in time for Halloween/Day of the Dead. But Fox Animation still lacks that something extra, that compelling plot and jaw-dropping level of animation detail that makes their movies a must-see for anyone over the age of ten."
To 3D Or Not To 3D. 

Camp X-Ray: "For Stewart this is a definite stretch outside the moody teen dramas she's known for. It's still a tight-lipped turn, but a gripping one. Her eyes brim with rage and tears at moments, and her pain is contagious. Hers is a solid portrayal that displays how Stewart is growing in her craft, learning to convey great inner turmoil through subtle shifts in her face."

For Cinema Blend, 5 Directors Who Could Do Wonder Woman Justice. 

For Mental Floss, 10 Allegedly Cursed Objects Throughout History.

Plus Popcorn & Prosecco bonus ep recorded at the LA Film Prize: 

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