October 26, 2014

Reviews: Ouija, Horns, and Revenge of the Green Dragon

Ouija: "I had a cautious optimism that this board game movie would get it right. For the first 10 minutes of Universal Pictures' Ouija, it does. Then the opening title card hits, and everything goes to hell."

Revenge of the Green Dragons: "Despite its promise and pedigree, all this makes for an undercooked crime-drama that feels like a pale imitation of the movies that clearly inspired it."

Horns: "It's devilish fun to see The Boy Who Lived cut loose as a demon. Yet it can be jarring to hear Radcliffe--in a careful American accent no less--spewing out a litany of f-bombs. Still, he's a good fit for a reluctant demon, his puppy dog eyes flashing from pained to wrathful."

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