November 16, 2014

REVIEWS: Theory of Everything, Rosewater, Beyond The Lights, Bad Turn Worse

Rosewater: "a competent political drama and a noteworthy first feature. However, without that smile and wink that Stewart as a TV personality is so known for, the film feels a bit too much like a well-intentioned but dry civics lesson."

Beyond the Lights: "a movie that promises one thing--the story of a girl who must fight to share the song that lives inside her--but delivers another--a messy romance narrative that plays into the tired trope that even a wildly successful young woman needs a man to save her. It's tedious. It's frustrating. And it's a waste of its talent. But if you want to understand why so many critics and filmmakers are chattering about Gugu Mbatha-Raw, you can't miss it."

Bad Turn Worse:
"I could make some pun about how the movie lives up to its title. Yes, it's a shambles of stereotypes and predictable plot points with a couple of duds for leading men. However, there's something special and almost good in Bad Turn Worse. Mackenzie Davis delivers with a portrayal that is poignant, yet playful at times. And Mark Pellegrino manifests a villain that will have movie lovers referencing this pic for years to come. "

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