December 29, 2014

Kristy's Top 10 Films of 2014

2014 was an outstanding year for film. I hate picking just ten films because when the goods are this good, it seems especially arbitrary. But here you have it: my top ten. Complete with links to reviews, interviews and whatever other excuse I found to gush about these bizarre and breathtaking bits of cinema.

10. The Zero Theorem

Interviewing Terry Gilliam about Zero Theorem, plus my five-star review!

9. Wetlands
The 5 Most Disgusting Moments In Wetlands, And Why They Matter
And that time I made Perri and Angie watch it for Popcorn and Prosecco:


 8. Snowpiercer
My review and our ep

7. Obvious Child
My review and our ep

6. Birdman
My review and our ep

5. Only Lovers Left Alive*
My review, our ep, plus me and Angie on /Filmcast!
*I was so excited about this one, it's also #1 on last year's top ten. The simple reason for this is, it's my list. I do what I want.

4. The Boxtrolls
My review and our ep.

3. Grand Budapest Hotel

My review here and our ep.
Plus a slew of interviews with the film's stars (Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, Saoirse Ronan), including the one where my long-time crush Jeff Goldblum hit on me. On camera.

2. The Babadook
My review and our ep.

1. Under The Skin

Our ep

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