January 18, 2015

REVIEWS: Black Hat, Still Alice & Paddington

Angie, Perri and I review Black Hat with special guest Devindra Hardawar. 

Paddington: "a rollicking ride filled with heart and humor, and one that I’d heartily recommend almost without reservation. But considering the intense maliciousness and vivid murderous plot of its lead villainess, I’d be mindful of your own cub’s sensitivities before taking them to the cinema."

Still Alice: "It feels strange to talk so nakedly about myself in this review. But I will never be able to entangle my own past and my Pap from this movie. And the thing is, I suspect many watching Still Alice will have ties similar to mine, whether it be over Alzheimer’s or some other heinous disease. They too will see a loved one in these characters. It’ll be hard and an ugly thing to relive. And I can’t imagine it’s an experience everyone will welcome."

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