June 13, 2015

REVIEWS: Jurassic World, Madam Bovary, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

It's been a bad week for movies. 

Jurassic World: "It feels like a movie made not to tell a story but to take advantage of fans. It’s soulless and a wasted opportunity."

Madam Bovary: "a fine film. But just fine. How disappointing when it had the pieces to be so much more."

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl: "The buzz on this Sundance coming-of-age comedy was good. I was expecting something quirky and bittersweet. Instead, I got something frustratingly common: Another movie that mistakes minorities as tools of growth for white straight male heroes. The fact that this is not a Hollywood product, but a praised indie makes this all the more infuriating. If we can’t take risks in indie films, where can we?"

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