September 6, 2015

HIGHLIGHTS: Reviews, Feminism and Shenanigans

First up some reviews for this week's releases.

Dragon Blade: "Chan. Cusack. Brody. I knew what I was getting into with “Dragon Blade.” Even when it was fumbling or flawed, I was invested; I was affected and entertained. It’s a bumpy ride down the Silk Road, but one filled enough with colorful characters, exhilarating action and affable earnestness to make it worthwhile and wondrous."

The Transporter Refueled: "is Mad Max: Fury Road, only set on the French Riviera, and awful."

And for some editorials about style, magical sex, and Disney's ultimate man's man, check out these Pajiba offerings:

Miley Cyrus Was Feminist As F*ck Last Night At The VMAs

A Serious Discussion of Which 'Harry Potter' Characters Are Best In Bed

How 'Beauty And The Beast' Warns Girls About Male Entitlement

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