September 25, 2015

REVIEWS: The Martian, Mississippi Grind, & Pay The Ghost

The Martian: "Beyond being breathtaking in its visuals, action, tension and performance, The Martian is exhilarating in its portrayal of humanity. You see people of every shape, size, color, creed and gender pulling together to save the man on Mars. It’s an exaltation of humanity and human endeavor that will make you want to stand up and cheer."

Mississippi Grind: "Co-writers/co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck lovingly laying out Mississippi Grind with an unhurried hand. The focus here—as Curtis reminds us with crooked smiles and earnest diagloue—is the journey, not the destination."

Pay The Ghost: "Cage dutifully delivers ridiculous dialogue, and occasionally bellows and bolts through abandoned warehouses desperate for clues. But much like his haunted onscreen son, Cage seems like he’s sleepwalking. He’s downright boring – and that, sadly, is the biggest shock this thriller delivers."

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