October 23, 2015

HIGHLIGHTS: Suffragette, The Last Witch Hunter, Steve Jobs, Jem and The Holograms

Suffragette review: "This film should have taken risks artistically that would have reflected those of the women its meant to honor. It should have not only shown what early feminists gave, but also speak to feminist struggles now. Simply put, it should have felt like a revolution."

My in-depth interview with its director Sarah Gavron, where we into the controveries Suffragette has spurred.

The Last Witch Hunter review: "Sure, there are some laughable lines and some sub-par CGI in The Last Witch Hunter. But with sheer star power Diesel makes this movie fun and thrilling."

My Last Witch Hunter interview with Rose Leslie, where we talked Game of Thrones, Vin Diesel, D&D and why she wants a Splash reboot.

Jem review: "Chu got to the heart of what made Jem so special and important 30 years ago, and made her newly relevant. She’s not truly, truly, truly outrageous as I’d hoped. Yet Jem and the Holograms delivers a fun and heartfelt narrative sure to thrill girls (and boys, I’d wager), while giving old school fans a film they can crush on."

For Billboard I ranked The 5 Most Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous Episodes & Songs From Jem The Holograms Cartoon Series. 

And in the wake of its brutal opening weekend: Stop Acting Like 'Jem And The Holograms' Failure Is Our Victory

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