October 14, 2015

NYFF 2015

10 Films That Have Us Pumped For The New York Film Festival

The Walk: "a mess of sappiness, showmanship and sloppy character arcs. But even with as unwieldy as its narrative is, The Walk is an absolutely awesome ride you won’t want to miss out on. "

Joseph Gordon Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon, Jame Badge Dale and Ben Schwartz talk The Walk.

Bridge of Spies: "a meandering slog filled with old white men in suits arguing at length in various high-ceilinged rooms. Ultimately, not even all the charms of Hanks can save this film from Spielberg’s indulgences."

Brooklyn: "Lively and lovely, Brooklyn is a delight that will bring you to tears, but leave you smiling."

The Martian: "Beyond being breathtaking in its visuals, action, tension and performance, The Martian is exhilarating in its portrayal of humanity. You see people of every shape, size, color, creed and gender pulling together to save the man on Mars. It’s an exaltation of humanity and human endeavor that will make you want to stand up and cheer."

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