February 12, 2016

REVIEWS: Deadpool, Zoolander 2, How To Be Single, and Nina Forever

Deadpool: "It's grotesquely violent, unrepentantly obscene, and slathered in a wise-ass attitude. So, Deadpool is fucking awesome."

Plus an interview with Deadpool screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.

Nina Forever: "so rich with paradox—being ghastly yet gorgeous, sick yet sexy, disturbing yet tender—that it crackles with a dangerous charm and refuses to be forgotten."

How To Be Single: "There’s enough gags that do work, and enough stars who are affable and inherently hilarious enough to make this mediocre flick worthwhile."

Zoolander 2: "Stiller tries to make his movie meta by having its heroes labeled 'Old' and 'Lame' only to be redeemed by proving themselves once more relevant and cool. But Zoolander 2 offers no such redemption for Stiller himself, delivering a comedy that’s studded with dud punchlines, rehashed gags and too few fresh bits. But hey, at least Justin Bieber gets killed in it."

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