July 1, 2016

All Things Swiss Army Man

I'm totally gaga over this bizarre Sundance bromance. Here's all the ways I've reveled in Swiss Army Man.

My Review for Pajiba: "On a surface level, Swiss Army Man is an intoxicatingly ludicrous and hilarious comedy, stuffed with pop culture references, scatological gags, and some surprisingly wry observational humor about society and stigma. But beneath this goofy exterior is an inspiring and heartwarming story about human connection and the power of friendship. Dano and Radcliffe create a complicated and compelling bond that is radiant and rousing."

For Screen Rant, I interviewed Dano and Radcliffe about "open farting" and karaoke.

At IndieWire, I wrote an editorial about why Swiss Army Man should be the movie that wins Radcliffe Oscar attention (and why it won't be).

And for Pajiba, I recounted my magical bus ride with Radcliffe and his dead doppelganger.

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