July 25, 2016

HIGHLIGHTS: Star Trek Beyond and Don't Think Twice

Star Trek Beyond: "Lin, a mastermind of car chases, brings his imaginative sense of spectacle to space, and the result is something truly sensational, and befitting a summer blockbuster."

Plus, Scott Huver and I collaborated on 10 Questions Star Trek Beyond Has Every Fan Asking for CBR. 

And for Indie Wire, I had the pleasure of conducting a couple of compelling interviews with the stars of the SXSW standout, Don't Think Twice. With Gillian Jacobs and Kate Micucci, I talked fame and mercurial nature of the internet, and (a special treat for a long-time fan of Key and Peele) I spoke with Keegan-Michael Key about his latest movie, Keanu, representation politics, and his true ambition. 

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