August 12, 2016

REVIEWS: Pete's Dragon, Hell or Highwater, and Disorder

Pete's Dragon: Painted in vivid colors, flush with love and alive with whimsy, Pete’s Dragon is a superbly sweet and earnestly enchanting delight.

Hell or High Water: "Mackenzie masterfully embeds us into the lives of his anti-heroes, while weaving a story of moral complexity and chilling compromise. It’s so rich in detail and atmosphere, you’ll marvel that an English auteur spun such a stirring story about good ol’ boys in the new Old West."

Disorder: "What’s won Disorder the most praise is Winocour’s execution, which employs claustrophobic cinematography and a chilling sound design to subsume the audience into Vincent’s traumatized POV."

Plus an in-depth interview with Disorder's star Diane Kruger. 

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