June 22, 2017

Review: The Big Sick, The Bad Batch, The Beguiled, Transformers 5, Okja, and Velvet Goldmine

The Beguiled: "Coppola spins a story where there are no bad guys, just good people pushed to their limits. And there, the cracking of their moral codes compels the audience to an authentic empathy, awe, and the occasional morbid chuckle."

The Big Sick: "It’s cute, funny, and vulnerable. The rest of the world is finally catching up to crushing on Nanjiani and Gordon."

The Bad Batch: "challenging, unnerving, and even hilarious in whip-smart bursts...a pitch-perfect sister flick to A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night."

Okja: "But to those craving something strange and daring, Okja is a gamble worth taking."

Velvet Goldmine:Weaving together the influences of Wilde, Bowie, Reed, and Pop, the daring writer/director created a film that played less like the straightforward biopic it might have been and more like the dream we wish was real. Everything is either glitter or grunge, but nothing is boring. This is a story of inspiration, lust, fantasy, and waking up from the dream. And oh my, the waking up is brutal. But Haynes makes the dream so sweet, you can’t help but return again and again to crushing glamor and gorgeousness of Velvet Goldmine.

Transformers: The Last Night: "Honestly, it’s worth the ticket price just to hear how Hopkins enunciates 'dude.'"

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