June 15, 2017

REVIEWS: Cars 3, Rough Night, 47 Meters Down, and The Book of Henry

Cars 3: "If you’re the kind of person that gets caught up on such particulars, Cars 3 will frustrate as it blazes by them, gunning toward earnest emotion and a winsome finale. But I’d advise just give in and enjoy the joyride, bumpy, bonkers and bittersweet as it is."

Rough Night: "an explosively funny, wonderfully wild, yet surprisingly smart sex-comedy that makes it perfect pick for date night or a girls night out."

The Book of Henry: "offers a despicable child hero, a ludicrous plot, and a cast of characters carved with all the delicacy of a chainsaw on a butter sculpture. To say it’s a bad movie would be an insult to bad movies."

47 Meters Down: "47 Meters Down is uniquely terrifying, offering an authentic exploration of a nightmare scenario, treating sharks as keen predators, but not evil villains."

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