July 18, 2017


Japanese Girls Never Die: "Blending magic realism, pop art moxie, and humane storytelling, director Daigo Matsui delivers a dreamy feminist critique of modern Japanese culture."

Pork Pie: "offers a wondrous road trip comedy full of humor and heart, with a healthy dash of Kiwi sass."

Bad Genius: "This bitingly brilliant teen movie is deliciously clever and laugh-out-loud funny, offering parody thrills and acute observational humor."  

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets"It’s a momentous occasion for the director and sci-fi fans. It’s a shame it’s not a momentous movie."

Game of Death: "Imagine if Jumanji and Cabin In The Woods had a blood-thirsty baby. But it’s a baby, so it’s still pretty stupid."

A Day: "A Groundhog Day premise with Hitchcockian twists, and a delectable dollop of the bittersweet that audiences have come to expect from such South Korean stunners as The Handmaiden, Mother, and I Saw The Devil."

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable: "Full Disclosure: I went to see this because of the wigs in the promo materials. Can you blame me?"

Lowlife: "It’s a disorienting experience, and a risky experiment. But by the time you get to Randy lecturing Keith that it’s prejudiced to judge him by his swastika tattoo, Lowlife steps up to something strangely special."

The Night Watchmen: "The premise is willfully ludicrous, and the cast and crew knows it, throwing themselves full-bodied and bloody into every insane sequence."

My Friend Dahmer: "crass and calculating. It aims to capitalize on our perverse fascination with the Milwaukee Cannibal, while congratulating ourselves for finding a moral message in his tragedy."

A Ghost Story: "Though it possesses a mournful beauty, A Ghost Story is sullied by Affleck’s presence."

Killing Ground: "subtle, strong and scary as hell."

Atomic Blonde: "Full of lurid style, mind-melting stunts, unrepentant sex appeal, and a crowd-rousing soundtrack, this collaboration between Theron (who also produces) and Leitch plays less like a movie, and more like a rock show."

Colossal: "a film so strange it’s very existence seems a miracle."

Tragedy Girls: "Watch your back Heathers, because Tragedy Girls is coming to snatch your crown."

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