August 27, 2017

REVIEWS: Logan Lucky, Death Note, The Villainess, Bushwick, and Red Christmas

The Villainess: "An ambitious, exhilarating, and harrowing film that does South Korea’s tradition of top-notch thrillers proud."

Logan Lucky: "Lithe, lively and ludicrous, Logan Lucky is a joyful celebration of Southern culture that folds in complicated family ties, kiddie tractor races, snitty church ladies, child beauty pageants, and a generous helping of down-home whimsy."

Death Note: "A whitewashed, hasty, and vapid adaptation that offers one great performance, few thrills, and lots of missed opportunities."

Bushwick: "Who needs heroes when you have pseudo-intellectual hipster bullshit?"

Red Christmas: "Yes. This woman’s aborted fetus has returned for revenge."

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