October 20, 2017

REVIEWS: The Snowman, Tragedy Girls, Wonderstuck, The Killing of A Sacred Deer, and Rift

Tragedy Girls: "Watch your back Heathers, because Tragedy Girls is coming to snatch your crown."

The Snowman: "a shambles of a film, desperately straining to tie its fraying threads together, if not into an impressive tapestry or a tidy bow, then at least in a gnarly knot."

The Killing of a Sacred Deer: "peels back layers of revelations and raw human emotions to expose an ugly injustice that demands a terrible retribution."

Wonderstruck: "From Haynes I expect to feel my heart pound in my chest, my breath to catch in my throat. Yet here is a story of death, lightning strikes, and life-changing quests into the heart of my beloved home city, and I was left amused but unfazed."

Rift: "It’s been days since I watched this film, and still it haunts me. Not just with its goosebump-inducing climax, but with its love story that’s so captivating, exhilarating and raw that I want to go back, and submerge into it again. I want to surrender once more to the cold, the chills, the thrill and terror, and ultimately that heady blend of love and pain that makes Rift feel like Call My By Your Name meets It Comes At Night."

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