November 27, 2017

REVIEWS: Darkest Hour, The Man Who Invented Christmas, Call Me By Your Name, Bombshell, and Angelica

Darkest Hour: "a prestige film that feels safe and scared."

The Man Who Invented Christmas: "Nalluri has delivered a delightful and touching holiday film just when we need it most."

Call Me By Your Name:  "I’m in absolute awe of this film. The performances of Chalamet and Hammer are graceful, tender and electrifying, giving the romance bounce and body. But more astounding is how Guadagnino makes the whole thing feel tactile."

Bombshell: "not just a stupendous tribute to Lamarr, but also a tribute to every brilliant woman ignored, thanking them even if they never snagged the spotlight, and inspiring a new generation to go looking for theirs."

Angelica: "All this mood and mystery swells to a fevered and disturbing finale, then leaves audiences with a heady blend of exhilaration and uncertainty. Which feels strangely fitting."

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