November 19, 2017

REVIEWS: Justice League, Mudbound, and Sweet Virginia

Justice League: "Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have slammed together a superhero ensemble intended to be epic, but with a trio of new characters, a bevy of backstories, and the requisite sprawling action sequences, this much-anticipated film is a very wonky ride."

 "It is kind of perfect then, that its on Netflix, as watching Mudbound is not unlike the experience of binge-watching one their riveting drama series, dense with metaphor, stories, and characters that clutch at your heart, then rattle your core."

Sweet Virginia:  "Director Jaime M. Dagg brews an atmosphere of restrained loves and swelling hurt that carries his slow-burn neo-Western with mesmerizing mood and dizzying emotion."

And for my first piece for SYFY Wire Fangrrls: How Justice League Fails Wonder Woman

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