November 9, 2017

Reviews: Three Billboards, Thelma, Mayhem, and Murder on the Orient Express

Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri: "Whether she’s cussing at the local priest, offering tenderness in a grim moment, or kicking a teen vandal square in the crotch, McDormand commands the screen and plays her audience like a fiddle, stroking our outrage, tugging at our heartstrings, and coaxing screams of reckless laughter." 

Murder on the Orient Express: "a lethally dull and ugly movie that possesses all the suspense of a damp hand towel." 

  Thelma: "Though billed as a thriller, Thelma is more slow-burn horror, a monster movie with a wounded but human heart at its core." 

  Mayhem: "This movie has a mean streak a mile wide...And on top of that, there’s an overgenerous supply of juvenile and sexist nonsense."

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