March 22, 2018

SXSW 2018

This year, I had the pleasure of covering the SXSW Conference for SYFY Fangrrls, Pajiba, and Riot Material. 


Blood Fest Is A Gory Good Time, But...

Though Flawed, The Field Guide To Evil Is A Must-See For True Horror Fans

Ghost Stories Is A Horror Movie You Must See Twice

Hereditary Introduces a New Master Of Terror

Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs Is As Whimsical As It Is Discomforting

Prospect Review: You Had Me At 'Pedro Pascal Stars In Sci-Fi Western'

John Krasinski's A Quiet Place Is A Master Class in Suspense

Sorry to Bother You Aims To Make You Laugh (And Blow Your Mind!)

Unfriended: Dark Web Asks 'What If Unfriended, But Terrible And Rapey?'

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Is A Gentle And Needed Battle Cry


Hereditary's Makers Reveal The Secret of Success to SXSW's Scariest Film

Where is Horror Now? SXSW Filmmakers Sound Off

Sophie Thatcher on Playing Prospect's Space-Trekking, Fan Fiction-Loving Teen Heroine Opposite Pedro Pascal

Leigh Whannell Reveals How Upgrade Broke Blumhouse's Horror Mold

Blood Fest Brings Horror, Gore, Humor And A Timely Political Message

Seychelle Gabrielle Addresses The Legend of Korra's Lesbian Romance, Korrasami Fandom

How Do You Make An Unfriended Sequel? Unfriended: Dark Web's Creators Explain

'Ghost Stories' Creators On Martin Freeman, Horror, and 'The Vagina Monologues'

'Cargo' Directors Sound Off On Martin Freeman, Their Organic Zombies, And Elevated Horror


How Ready Player One Fails Geek Culture

Gugu MBatha-Raw's Fast Color is the Closest We've Seen To a Solo Storm Movie

We Visited HBO's Sweetwater Activation at SXSW Conference To Look For Season Two Clues

SXSW Conference's Ready Player One Activation Gives Gamers A Place To Play And Party

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