August 22, 2019

Fantasia International Film Festival 2019

This year I covered Fantasia International Film Festival for Pajiba, Riot Material, and SYFY FANGRRLS. 

10 Most Anticipated Movies At Fantasia 2019


We Are Little Zombies Is A Different Kind Of Zombie Story

The Incredible Shrinking WKND Uses Time Loops To Explore Being A Woman-Child

The Deeper You Dig Makes Horror A Twisted Family Affair

Dead Dicks Delivers Trippy Horror, Irreverent Humor, And Shocking Tenderness

Ringu Sequel Sadako Doesn't Do Justice To Its Iconic Antagonist

Blood & Flesh Is The Kid Stays In The Picture With B-Movies, Murder, And Aliens, Because Sure Why Not

A Good Woman Is Hard To Find Offers A Gritty, Class-Minded Revenge-Thriller

Riot Girls Delivers '80s Nostalgia And Post-Apocalypse Adventure With A Proudly Queer Spin

1BR Explores The Horrors Of Overly Involved Neighbors

Harpoon Delivers Dark Laughs And Grisly Horror On The High Seas

Ready Or Not Is A Bloody Crowdpleaser With Operatic Horror And Dark Laughs

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale Is Begging For A TV Series

Extra Ordinary Feels Like Ghostbusters Meets Napoleon Dynamite

Paradise Hills Offers Stylish Spectacle, Feminist Themes, And Not Much Else

Elijah Wood Confronts Daddy Issues In Thriller, Come To Daddy

Freaks Is A Sly Sci-Fi Alive With Surprise And Sentiment

Lupita Nyong’o Slays Comedy, And Zombies, In Little Monsters

Robert Patrick Plays A Millennial-Hating Baby Boomer In Tone-Deaf

Knives and Skin Blends Teen-Noir, Dark Satire And ’80s Musical Numbers


Riot Girls Director Jovanka Vuckovic Talks Representation and Revolt

Director Alice Waddington Talks Paradise Hills and the Patriachy-Smashing Power of Pink

Jennifer Reeder On Her Noir-Musical Knives And Skin And The Secret Language of Teenage Girls

The Unexpected Inspirations for Satirical Slasher Tone-Deaf

Pollyanna McIntosh Speaks Out On The Woman's Infamy And Her Directorial Debut, Darlin'

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